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Cat Visits

We're certified cat obsessed. We take our positive reinforcement, gentle, Fear-Free handling skills and apply it to working with cats. We know every cat is so different and we always want every animal to feel safe and comfortable. We're always learning and attending the latest cat conferences and seminars available.


What to expect


Litter scooped, Feeding, defrosting/prepping food, Play time, Turning on/off lights, Watering plants, Bringing in mail/packages.

Updates to let you know how the visits are going, noting any behaviour, feeding or changes

Neighbourhoods serviced:

River District, Cedar Cottage-Kensington, Killarney, Mountian View, Strathcona, Grandview-woodland, Mt Pleasent, Fairview, Arbutus Ridge, Kits, West point grey.


Cat Visit Inquiry 

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