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Fia Zoey

Group Walks

Please read through before filling out the contact form below!

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Group Walk Requirements

  • Enjoy the company of other dogs

  • No Car Anxiety 

  • No history of human or dog aggression 

  • Comfortable wearing a harness 

  • No food aggression as we use lots of treats  


Owners must use positive reinforcement only

(no corrections, prong chain or e-collars) 

Clients must book a minimum of 1 walk/week,

ongoing - we unfortunately can't accommodate occasional walks due to scheduling challenges

Service Area 

Please see the map above! 

Neighborhoods serviced:

Strathcona, Grandview-woodland,

Cedar Cottage, Mt Pleasent, Fairview, Arbutus Ridge, Kits, West point grey. 

Cues we will teach

Look - Look at me

Touch - Boop nose to my hand 

With Me - Stay with me while we move aside to give space to a passing dog/person/bike

Recall - Coming when called

Wait - Hold a stay when car door opens


$40 - 1 hour group walk

$20 second dog same house

Walk Timing 

AM east GROUP WALK - 10:00am

Fairview, Cambie Village,  Grandview-Woodland, Cedar Cottage, Mt. Pleasent, Strathcona 

PM west GROUP WALK - 1:00pm

Fairview, Arbutus Ridge, Kits, West point grey. UBC

Please note, we have a 1 hour pick up window between pick-ups and drop-offs

On and off Leash

Groups are a mix of on and off leash adventures. We switch up our walks and go to different off-leash parks or explore different neighborhoods on-leash. Building both on and off-leash skills are super important!


Worried about your pup going off leash? No worries, Some dogs start out on long line as we build up their recall skills! 

Next steps

Fill out the "New Walking Client" form below.

Next, we will schedule a ‘Meet and Greet’ (in person or via Zoom) Masks are required for in person meetings due to Covid. 

If in person: I will feed your dog plenty of treats and make them my best friend :) Here we can exchange keys and go over any important pick-up/drop-off or house details and set up your first walk. Depending on the dog we might start with a few solo visits or they can be integrated right into groups! 


Muttley Crew


Group walks including all sizes of dogs.

We offer Muttley Crew walks Daily and have the option of booking 1-5 days a week. 


Littles Crew


Small Dog Group walks.

Dogs must be under 30lbs  Weekly Wednesday and Friday Mornings. 

East side 

Fairview, Cambie Village,  Grandview-Woodland, Cedar Cottage, Mt. Pleasent, Strathcona 

New Walking Client
Days You need walks

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