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In Dog We Trust

Since 2017 our model is simple. Be kind & do no harm. We only use science based, fear free, positive reinforcement handling on pups. That means we do not use corrections, choke chain, E-collars/shock collars, prong collars, pain or punishment. Instead we use treats & praise to reinforce good behaviours. We also care about the planet and are the first and only low waste pet services in Vancouver. We are paper free and almost plastic free.  We use plant-based poop bags, buy our treats in bulk to cut down on plastic.

 Some people assume dog walking is just a stepping stone to “something bigger”; however, We don’t see it that way. We are passionate about enriching canines lives, and as long as we are passionate about it we will continue to do so! Our standards are high; we do not simply “let the dogs loose” nor will you see our groups demand barking or running amuck at the park. We take pride in having dogs who are happy, stress-free and not over-stimulated so that they are happy and calm when they are ready to go home.


Brittany, CCFC, CSCC(C)


Business Owner & Professional Dog Walker

I've been a professional dog walker since 2015. I became a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach in 2021. I am forever learning and growing! I am currently enrolled in the Certified Canine Fitness Program (CSCC) at the University of North Carolina. I love attending the latest seminars, classes and learning all I can about dogs an cats. especially when it comes to the science of positive reinforcement, behaviour, conditioning and fitness!

 I love doing Nose Work with my own dogs, and hope to compete and trial with Jeep - my once paralyzed one eye'd rescue pug! 


Outside of my obsession with doggos and cats I love to garden. Growing my own food and sustainable agriculture is something else that I am super passionate about. I enjoy kayaking, diy'ing crafts, thrifting. I am very coffee and snack motivated.. Currently on the hunt for Vancouvers best plant-based cinnamon buns!


Tiffany, She/Her

Pet Sitter

Tiffany was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Although she didn't grow up with dogs or other animals, she has always wanted to be a pet parent. This finally happened when she adopted her second foster dog, Pyper - a stray found in California. Since then, Tiffany and her partner have fostered 8 other dogs of varying ages and personalities. She also worked at a dog care facility while studying Interior Architecture. Tiffany enjoys hiking and camping in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter - all activities that she includes Pyper, and any other dog in her care, in as much as possible