Feeding Time

Community Pet Food Pantry

In Dog We Trust is excited to announce the start of our pet food pantry. This is a brand new program meant to fill in the gaps supporting pet owners who may be temporarily struggling or facing multiple and complex barriers making them unable to provide healthy nutritious food for their pets.

The goal of this pantry is to: 

-Provide local folks with a safe and low barrier way of accessing food and gear  

- Directly supporting pet owners with donated food and gear and in turn keeping more pets out of the shelter system. 

-Gear exchange offering properly fitted harnesses in exchange for aversive gear like prongs, e-collars, and chain collars.


we are open 24/7 and accepting donations! Feel free to drop off any donations directly to the pantry.

We have a list below of accepted items.

Please note we are not able to arrange pick up's to residential homes.

Please drop off any donations directly into the pantry.

Click here for the location

If you're a pet food wholesaler or store please get in touch with us to arrange a pickup.


Accepted Items:

Dog or cat food. Canned or dry food 

Opened and recently expired bags welcomed.  

Clean used gear 

Cat litter


non-prescription supplements

Items not accepted:

- Chain, Prong e-Collars or spray collars 

-Large items not able to fit in the pantry (IE Crates, x-pens)

-Prescription medication 

-No small animal items (sorry we just don't have room!)


Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, and supporters!

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