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Pet sitting 

We pet sit dogs from all across the lower mainland in our homes. 


Dogs will have a 1-hour walk as well as potty breaks each day. Depending on the dog, they may join group walks or enjoy neighbourhood walks.


We will feed, medicate and follow your dog's regular potty, nap & walk schedule to maximize your dog's comfort.


Pick up and drop off service for pet sitting is  available within Vancouver proper for an additional $15

You'll receive updates in the first 24 hours, then every 48 hours for the duration of the stay!

We encourage clients to check in if they'd like additional updates or pictures. We know how hard it is to be without them!  

Pet Sitting: $80/Night

Separation Anxiety/high needs: $120/night for 24/7 around the clock care


We require all dogs to be fitted in a harness! We are happy to bring your dog in to be fitted for a harness on the first day of pet sitting.
We are happy to invoice you for food, chews, bones if you are unable to give enough for the duration of the stay.

Please note our pet sitters have their own dogs AND/Or cats. 
Pet-sitting dogs must be "cat safe" and be comfortable around other dogs and not have any human agression.

We have experience with disabled and paralyzed dogs who need manual potty expression and a variety of medication methods. 

Our pet sitters often have a variety of backgrounds and most of us work outside of the home and will not be able to accommodate separation anxiety at this time. 

Pet sitting

Are these dates tentative?

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible and Space may be limited. 

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