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Things we do differently.

Positive Reinforcement - training without pain.

Dogs are always safely restrained in the car.

During walks, dogs are secured to a walking belt.

Reusable cotton pads for cleaning ears.

Plastic-free packaging, natural coconut toothpaste.

Towels and car covers are washed with natural and sustainable soap with no fragrances or dyes.

Plant-based, plastic-free poop bags.

Low ingredient treats.

100% paper free.

FAQ: Text


Service Area?

I service walking clients between Knight St and UBC.
Pet Sitting clients can be from anywhere in the Lower Mainland!

Does my pet need to be spayed or neutered?

We do not require pets to be spayed or neutered! Please take the advice of your family vet on when you should have your pet fixed.

Do you accept reactive dogs?

Yes, I do walk reactive dogs. 

Please note, I cannot walk dogs deemed aggressive in group walks. 

Dogs can be reactive for many reasons. Reactivity is a spectrum. Please be specific to your dogs behaviour when inquiring for walks. I notice a lot of owners use reactive and aggressive interchangeably and that is simply not the case.

*We are unable to accommodate any aggression.  

What methods do you use?

Science-based Positive Reinforcement dog handling. I am an advocate for Fear Free handling methods and want every dog to feel safe and comfortable on walks. 

I do not use, or condone the use of: Shock, Prong, Choke Chains or Corrections on dogs. 

When do you offer walks?

AM - 10:00-11:00

PM - 12:00-1:00

Pee breaks 12:00-12:20 or 4:00-4:20

Please note, we have an hour pick up window between pick up's and drop off's.

Why do you require a front clip harness?

Simply put, it's the safest way to walk a dog! 
A flat clip collar or back clip harness can still cause pressure on the dogs' neck and trachea. 
Dogs aren't able to back or wiggle out of a properly fitted front clip! I'm well aware of the stigma of these harnesses being marketed as a "no pull tool" however this is not the reason I require front clips.

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