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Group Walks


1-hour small groups for a mix of on and off leash adventures. Group walks are great for dog-social pups. We work on learning cues like "Look, Touch, Target, Up/Down"; and building skills like recall, stays, and on leash heeling. We want your dog to be mentally and physically tired! 

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Cat Visits


Custom Cat Visits. 
Feeding, litter changes, administering medication. Making sure kitties are played with, tired out and given affection. 
Able to prep, add supplements and take out raw frozen food for the next day.

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Pet Sitting 


Please note we are only accepting bookings from previous or current walking clients.

Dogs come to our home where we can customize and cater to your dogs needs. Our Pet sitting services is very limited so if we are unable to accommodate we will be happy to refer you to another trusted company. 

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